Monday, 27 May 2013

Kelab Pedati

The above Logo belongs to the Royal Malaysian Service Corps Veteran Association. The design in the middle resembles a steering wheel of a 3 tons lorry, significant to ‘Angkut’, the proud and famous transportation roles of the MSC or Kor Perkhidmatan DiRaja.
Salam and greetings to all Skots and trust this posting finds you all well and happy and as usual and regularly it seems, lets invite our brother Muslims among us to recite the al Fatihah and endow its fadhilat and this time in remembrance to the late aruah Skot Capt Hawari (R) TUDM who passed away over six months ago without anyone of us realising it. MasyaAllah, it is no wonder that I tried calling him couples of times over the last few months without success.

I was on the way back to my kampong in Sayong, Kuala Kangsar and drop by in Ipoh and take opportunity to meet with a long lost Skot, Capt Kalai (R) TUDM and have lunch at Restoren Tasik Raban in Ipoh together with Skot Lt Col Kamaludin Recce and Skot Mej Kamarudin Renjer. As he was trained to be a Pilot together with Skot Hawari and has not met him since, Kalai asked the where about Hawari is and I told him that we infact have lunch together at that same restaurant few months ago. Enquiring through a friend who hailed from the same kampong of Sungai Pari in Ipoh with Hawari, he sadly told me that Hawari has since passed away. Inna lillahi wa’inna ilaihiroji’un. I did wrote on Skot Hawari of that lunch meet in a subject : Jejak Kasih.

 Skot Capt Kalai TUDM, Skot Mej Kamarudin Renjer, Zainal and Skot Lt Kol Kamaludin Amor at Retoren Tasik Raban, Ipoh. A memory during parade in the Royal Military College, the RSM En Wahab jerit..' Tu yang hujung sana tu, yang hitam macam barrel tu, sapa dia tu..? Kalai Cikkkkk!!...' Berdiri macam kura-kura !!'..
On the above subject PVKPDM or Persatuan Veteran KPD Malaysia held its AGM at Dewan Dato Yaakob, 91 Depoh Bekalan Pusat, Batu Caves last Saturday 25th. One of the agenda was officially announcing and launching of the association website but unfortunately a non vowel acronym like that may be a bit strained for my memory to pick up and I just classified it in my favourite icon to log as Kelab Pedati, a name familiar and with the nostalgic memory during operation on those convoys with the Corp that I served and left some 35 years ago.

Still in its infancy the Persatuan has a member of just around 300 and the committee and members alike are inclined towards working positively to encourage those who left the service to join. It was understood that the last batch of personnels leaving for resettlement course was about 400 exServices from the Corp and the President, Brig Gen Baharudin Che Din and the Secretary Mej Amir informed that effort and liasson with the Corp are done to tap those who are retiring from the service to register as member.
 The KPD veteran of Cawangan Taiping : Lt Kol Azizan (R), Zainal, Skot Mej Ismail Hashim and Lt Kol Kamaruzaman (R). Their meeting was held at The Oasis, a Briyani Restaurant owned by Lt Kol Kamarulzaman.
                     Proposing and discussing colour and uniform to be for the Persatuan
 My MTO during those combatant years of the 70's with 20 Transport Company in Sungai Petani, Mej Bhagat Ram Thailoo (R) stressing his points and among others, suggesting for the committee to provide members with news letter of the Persatuan activities 
 The secretary Mej Amir Majid, Skot Mej Raja Shafauddin, Mej Gen Dato Nordin Rahok and Mej Sahimi

First parade task during Admin Inspection C Platoon, 20 Transport Company. Once a convoy of 3 tonnels went through the East West Highway from Gerik to Jeli that was under construction, the whole vehicles was covered with dusk. Drivers switched on their wipers to see direction. Not only that, my beret, bulu kening and misai pun warna kuning. Some heavy machinery and construction vehicles were also blown off and sabotaged by the Communist terrorists




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