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Pak Belalang

The Synergy : Bersama Dato Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Menteri Pertahanan. Pengerusi, Kumpulan Tetap Majlis Angkatan Tentera 

I once wrote : We are all trained in a same school of thought and we all mark time or hentak kaki on the same parade square. We work with blood, sweat and tears and we know everybody among us too well as in reference to the comradeship or a more refined meaning as esprit de corps, blended and endured through the hardship that we went through while in training during the Pre Octu, RMC and the early days during our service in the AF. The way we were down the memory lane and the magic that we had together, so to speak. I may look at things differently as being maverick and unapprehensive on some of those also ran, perhaps because when I ventured out to a greener pastures in the civvies streets over 30 years ago (I left the service in 1978), we were all at par and on the same platform i.e in rank or status then. Despite the fact, I do respect and regard with honour or esteem of their achievement especially those who are well decorated. Mind you I was a Second Lieutenant but already commanding a Supply unit under both 2nd and the newly formed up 3rd Army Division and in charge of two states, Malacca and Negri Sembilan. I see that the same organisation which almost having the same strength is now commanded by a Lt Col. I take pride to say that I am the only officer in the entire Kor Perkhidmatan DiRaja who has ever experienced commanding a Platoon that had his man killed in action during the Gubir MT ambush by the Communist terrorist in 1975. "But the bounty or favour of the Lord - rehearse and proclaim or report it" 93:11. Enduring the ups and downs in life I must say that I am now somewhat successful in my own way and alhamdulillah, indulge and cherish the good life. "It is We who have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of this world and have raised some of them above others in degrees [of rank].." 43:32. The only thing I regret is that I have but one life to be a General and quoted Nathan Hale of the American revolutionary history. Previously in taking account and on the basis of my suggestion and approach towards the issues of the pay anomaly, I quoted: Optimism is a person who says that the thing can be done and Pessimism is a person who says that the thing cannot be done and it will never will. Both of them are right! To elucidate or clarify of my stand, I then related the following:

During when we were in the Royal Military College, one of our instructors, told us a story about cricket or belalang. Two crickets one A and the other B. Cricket A can out jump cricket B. The instructor was trying to instill or implant in us about semangat, perseverance, steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose; steadfastness, strive, persistent, struggles, achievement and things like that. Then each cricket is placed in a cylinder. So both crickets jump up and down in their respective cylinder. Cricket A overshot the height of its cylinder whereas being mediocre or sitting on the fence type, feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction cricket B jumps as.. just because as he's being just a belalang.

One day somebody put a lid on top of their cylinders and when every time cricket A jumps, he strikes his head into the lid. Of course cricket B, feeling of contentment, peacefully doing his act without even near to the top. Soon cricket A realised, why should he jumps so high knocking and hurting his head and so it starts jumping like the lesser known cricket B. One day somebody removed the lid away however cricket A sadly, did not jump any higher as he was capable of.

Down the Memory Lane: Tunku Aziz Bendahara standing left followed by Zakaria Bass, Tajul, Zainal, Zainal Baharin, Allahyarham Wan Jamil TUDM, Zurid, Sundian TUDM, Tengku Aziz Johor, Tahir and Allahyarham Wan Mohd Ali. Squating from left: Wan Ahmad, Allahyarham Supiansuri, Allahyarham Zakaria Omar, Ismail Talaha and Suhaimi AFATS/TUDM.

Smiles we give to one another for the way we were

Enduring extreme torment, suffering and hardship. Tough leadership training

Aspiring and towards Esprit de Corps

The prospect of becoming a multi Millionaires as campaigned by the Mohicans' legal suit may be hard to resist for some Skots and to woo them or to invite with importunity towards my approach was futile or trifling and frivolous. So there was a lull for several years and now when they filed a suit against the Govt and all previous Prime Ministers including Premier Lee Kuan Yew for alleged conspiracy, cheating and down grading the dignity of the so called Mohicans, I presume that they have deviated to focus from the pay anomaly pər-ˈsē. If I can summarise and considering views from others, it's merely prejudice to those and some who are already dead and defenseless. "O ye who believe! Avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion (negative assumption) in some cases is a sin: And spy not on each other behind their backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? 49:12. Since we first interact through emails, I have compiled my thought with regards to the anomaly under various subject namely: Brave Mohicans and Ar Ra'ad ayat 11 part 1,2 and 3, Saul and Conference of the Birds Pt 1 and 2, Wind Talker, Sembang Juma'at: Firasat among others.

As posted in the subject, 'The Deserter' earlier on, I took the initiative to write to the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) outlining the fact and highlighted the justifications of our claim for their perusals. JPA after much deliberation responded: "Untuk makluman tuan, permasalahan mengenai pelarasan gaji/anomaly bagi anggota tentera adalah di bawah Majlis Angkatan Tentera. Pihak tuan disyorkan merujuk perkara ini terus kepada pihak berkenaan memandangkan perkara yang dibangkitkan adalah di luar bidang kuasa Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam".

With that considered as a go ahead blessing, a meeting was held on April 28th and those present were Lt Gen Dato Mohd Salleh Ismail (R), Mej Jen Dato Yunus Long (R), Lt Kol Raja Abdullah (R), Mej Rashid Mydin (R) and myself. I came prepared and told those present that I have done an appreciation on the situation and by opinion that, 'if you want to talk to a horse.. you talk to the horse face'. Knowing well and by virtue of my lower echelon status or hierarchy as compared to those top brass and in anticipation of passing the buck situation and more importantly to avoid further delay, I read to them a letter that I have drafted that is addressed to the Prime Minister and copy to the Defence Minister. The gist of it: "Setiap seorang diantara kami yang telah dilatih dan ditauliahkan oleh Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong sejak dari zaman remaja didalam bidang ketenteraan dengan penuh disiplin serta menjunjung penuh taat setia keperwiraan telah terhimpit diantara prinsip yang dipertahankan itu dengan ketidak puasan hati namun tetap meneruskan perkhidmatan kami demi mempertahankan negara tanpa berbelah bagi. Maka diatas hal yang demikianlah, permasalahan atau anomaly gaji ini tidak pernah diusulkan secara rasmi diperingkat Majlis Angkatan Tentera mahu pun keperingkat Tribunal sekiranya ada mempunyai asas kemungkinan yang ditubuhkan oleh Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam semasa era tersebut untuk memberi pertimbangan mengenainya".

Towards the end, "Pihak kami yang akan diwakili oleh beberapa pegawai kanan yang didalam Jawatankuasa Bertindak yang telah diujudkan bagi meneraju perkara ini, berharap dan bersedia agar dapat diadakan satu pertemuan dengan YAB Dato’ Seri dimasa yang terdekat ini bagi menyampaikan akan hasrat dan ehsan mengenai perkara ini.

Kami berdoa agar YAB Dato Seri dapat memberi persetujuan dan segala kerjasama serta tindakan YAB Dato Seri yang dapat menjuruskan kepada kebaikan, terhadap Allah SWT jualah moga moga diberi dan mendapat rahmatNya, InsyaAllah” and conclude it with :

 أَقُوْلُ قَوْلِيْهَذَا وَأَسْتَغْفِرُوْا اللهَ لِيْ وَلَكُمْ

 اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

If they agree to that I will sign it and with humour I told them, 'and we will win the war'. While everyone was still amazed by that statement I motivate them with the following make belief story: "During the height of the Second World War when Germany occupied France, Hitler and his kuncu Mussolini summoned Winston Churchill for a secret meeting at the Fountaine Blueu in Paris. Like the Parisian, they sat waiting, having tea while the world passes by. Soon Churchill arrives and joined them. After briefly greeting him and before Churchill could even sit down, Hitler fling a document in front of him and said, "sign.. and we win the war!". Churchill took the document, briefly flip its content and it’s became obvious to him and then said, "I don't think I can do that". Hitler stressed, "You know that our armies are already in France and anytime we can invade England., so sign". Churchill while taking a lump of sugar into his cup of tea calmly replied, "We British, in settling disputes sometime do a wager. Why not we bet on something and whoever wins, he wins the war". Without hesitant, "agree" said Hitler, "what's the wager?". Churchill pointed out to some fish swimming in the pond where the fountain is and said, "Catch the fish without using any conventional methods i.e. of using net, hook etc"

Hitler stood up, pulls out his Kruger pistol and said, "OK I would like to start first" and immediately fired shots into the pond. However after emptying his gun, he was unable to hit or catch any fish due to the refraction and reflection of the bullet in the water. Hitler quickly turn to Mussolini and said, "Why not you jump in and try to catch the fish with your bare hand". Mussolini, took out his boots, jump into the chest deep pool and try to go after the fish and soon the overweight Mussolini realised that his effort is useless, as he felt tired. "Well, guess it’s your turn," Hitler told Churchill. Churchill took his cup of tea along and while stirring his cup with a teaspoon approaches the pond. He flips the water over his shoulder and between that he took his time sipping his tea. Looking at Churchill flipping the water over and over his shoulder with a teaspoon, Hitler asked, "What are you doing?" Churchill answered: "It may take a long time but we will win the war". It took a moment to 'catch' the story and eventually got everyone delighted.

Dato Yunus though commended on my initiative however suggested for Dato Salleh to sign that letter and showing consideration, I told them that I have blast the trail and has created a synergy on the situation to the extend that I have posted some earlier write up on the pay anomaly in my website. What I can do is to mention Dato Salleh to spearhead the so called task force commitee and eventually an amendment was done as follows: 'Pihak kami yang akan diwakili dan diteraju oleh Lt Jen Dato Mohd Salleh Ismail, mantan DMI dan beberapa pegawai kanan yang didalam Jawatankuasa Bertindak yang telah diujudkan bagi meneraju perkara ini'.

"Nampaknya Pak Belalang jadi Sultan hari ini... kita terpaksa turut.. ini soal mahkota, Tuanku". Nevertheless I'm honoured and pleased to hereby inform that the Defence Minister has sponsored and instructed the AKSPA to include our plight in the Armed Forces Council or Majlis Angkatan Tentera (MAT), InsyaAllah. Thereby with meekness and humility let me quote, "In my stars I'm above thee but be not afraid of greatness; as some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon em". Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, 1602. The pay anomaly's episode has drag for nearly 40 years and it sure took a long, long time. Alhamdulillah, so we will certainly now be heard and it's up to those well decorated top brass to show their mettle, valor, pluck and vigor and as for me I now can peacefully declare, "I rest my case".

That home of the Hereafter We assign to those who do not desire exaltedness upon the earth or corruption. And the [best] outcome is for the righteous. Translated : Negeri akhirat (yang telah diterangkan nikmat-nikmatnya) itu, Kami sediakan bagi orang-orang yang tidak bertujuan hendak mendapat pengaruh atau kelebihan di muka bumi dan tidak ingat hendak melakukan kerosakan; dan kesudahan yang baik adalah bagi orang-orang yang bertaqwa.(Al-Qasas 28:83) Sadaqallahul ‘Azim

Pleased to relate the following chronology of event through messages :

From: Zainal Abidin
To: Lt Gen (B) Dato Mohd Salleh ; Mej Jen Dato Yunus ; Rashid Mydin ; Megat MP ; Mior Niza
Sent: Saturday, 28 April 2012, 23:27

اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Dato dan tuan tuan yang dihormati,

Merujuk kepada perjumpaan kita pada hari Sabtu 28 April diWarung Mak Jah mengenai perbincangan hala tuju atau engagement mengenai perkara diatas, sukacita diattachkan draf dokumen yang telah dipersetujui untuk semakan Dato dan tuan tuan. Sekiranya tiada perkara berbangkit, surat surat tersebut akan diambil tindakan untuk dimajukan sebagaimana yang telah dibincang termasuk lampiran lampiran write up dalam subject 'The Deserter' dan Buah Perah Buah Kepayang.

Sebagai makluman saya juga telah menghubungi Dato Effendi untuk mewakili TJT16 merangkap TJP21 dan saudara Megat Noor Ishak MP untuk mewakili TJP22 dan kedua mereka alhamdulillah telah memberi persetujuan. Sekiranya perkara tuntutan mengenai anomaly ini berjaya InsyaAllah, Skot Mej Mior Nizar Pay (B) juga telah bersetuju untuk memberi kerjasama untuk liasse dengan UGAT/JRP atas membuat perkiraan mengenai tuntutan bagi setiap individu pegawai yang terlibat.

Though we have reached an understanding as for the issues regarding the Mohicans however I would expect to get the first brick from them as we progress and to proceed on our noble course. As such it is hope and to be expected of Mej Rashid Mydin (B) to exercise his budi bicara to explain our course of action as discussed. Following are some thought from Skot Megat MP on their Strategic Legal Suit :

An elusive dream, lacks the sense of reality, too emotional and defying logic;

· Providing false hope;
· Wasting time & money;
· Spreading unnecessary hatred and anger;
· Very weak legal basis making it frivolous and vexatious;
· Should opt for an alternative means, engagement;
· 40 years passed, time forgive and/or compromise;
· Wild allegations - Spare those long dead and gone, they are defenceless;
· Need to focus on the exact issues at hand;

From: yunus long
Subject: RE: Ehsan Anomaly Gaji Pegawai ATM
Date: Sunday, 29 April, 2012, 7:28 AM

Salam Sdr Zainal,

Saya amat yakin laluan yang kita ambil ini adalah BETUL.

Kita pergi ke punca masalah - iaitu MAT. Saya dari dulu lagi memang tidak begitu sokong 'the Mohican', such I kept my distance. To get through MAT, we must get the Defence Minister's blessing.Then PAT can sponsor the paper. Therefore, PM must be informed, call on Defence Minister, call on PAT, call on KSU (secretary to MAT), then Pemegang Mohor, in that order. We should meet again, this time together with those rep you have mentioned and Meor Nizar.

Till then, best regards


From: Megat Noor Ishak B Megat Ibrahim (HRM/PETH)
To: Zainal Abidin
Sent: Monday, 30 April 2012, 9:06
Subject: RE: Ehsan Anomaly Gaji Pegawai ATM

Salam bro Zainal,
I thought the letter was well-drafted and I don’t think I have anything else to add.
My only comment perhaps lies in the “header” or subject matter of the letter. I think we do not have to include the word “Ehsan” to it. It may have the connotation as though we are merely seeking “ehsan” or welfare as opposed to the fact that we are appealing our case to the PM as a matter of right and merits.

The constraints as to why the matter has drifted for 40 years was well-explained in your draft. I also agree with you that the issue on the Mohicans will only be addressed at the face-to-face meeting with government’ representatives.


Resource Person
Head's Office | Talent Sourcing & Employee Relations Department | HRM Division
Level 63, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur

From: Zainal Abidin []
Sent: Monday, 30 April, 2012 15:47
To: Megat Noor Ishak B Megat Ibrahim (HRM/PETH)
Cc: Lt Gen (B) Dato Mohd Salleh; Mej Jen Dato Yunus Long; Rashid Mydin; Mior Niza
Subject: Re: Ehsan Anomaly Gaji Pegawai ATM

Salam Yop,

Terima kasih diatas pandangan. Yes I do agree with you if the word 'Ehsan' construed to only means welfare or kebajikan. If I were to refer to your last point on your thought on the strategic legal suit ('Have a sensible and dignified approach to the matter, do it with an Islamic way to ensure barakah') and is in that context that the word ehsan is enforced for its true meaning. I have infact raised this when I read that draft letter before those that attended during the meeting at Warung Mak Jah of last Saturday and among the spiritual thinking are as follows :



Sesungguhnya Allah menyuruh berlaku adil, dan berbuat kebaikan, serta memberi bantuan kepada kaum kerabat; dan melarang daripada melakukan perbuatan-perbuatan yang keji dan mungkar serta kezaliman. Ia mengajar kamu (dengan suruhan dan laranganNya ini), supaya kamu mengambil peringatan mematuhiNya. Sadaqallahul 'Azim.

The defination of ehsan according to hadith is as follows :

Ihsan (or Ehsan or Ahsan or احسان) is an Arabic term meaning "perfection" or "excellence." In Islam, Ihsan is the Muslim responsibility to obtain perfection, or excellence, in worship, such that Muslims try to worship God (Arabic Allah) as if they see Him, and although they cannot see Him, they undoubtedly believe he is constantly watching over them. That definition comes from the hadith (known as the Hadith of Gabriel) in which Muhammad states, "[Ihsan is] to worship God as though you see Him, and if you cannot see Him, then indeed He sees you." (Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim).

So having mentioned the above the word ehsan shall not confined merely to mean welfare or kebajikan viz Selangor Darul Ehsan as prefered to Darul Kebajikan, Sekarang mungkin Darul Sampah. Apa pun biarlah Skot, sebelah sini ke sebelah sini ke.. asal ada plaster saja sudahlah.

For info perkara diatas telah pun dihantar dan disah terima oleh JPM as attached. Tangguh ? Tak boleh tangguh lagi 'Pak Ali', PRU13 dah dekat. Sama sama lah kita tunggu dan berdoa agar segalanya berjalan lancar, InsyaAllah.

Also concurrent SMS recieved from Mej Rashid Mydin :

Salam tuan Zainal, recieved your email and as we discussed I strongly believe too its the best approach. This matter would have been solved if only someone like you had taken such actions earlier but unfortunately it is Tuan Zainal is the only guy taking the initiative (of course with other interest), My duty is to desiminate the alternative plan on this matter to the Mohicans followers hopefully they would understand. Terima kasih atas ucapan "selamat pengantin baru" kepada saya hahaha. W'salam.

And my respond : I guess most of us delayed in the course of action is in respect of the Mohicans earlier legal action which is seen to have some bearing on the pay anomaly. However the current legal suit is but technically nothing to do with the anomaly.

As Skot Megat has also confirmed that there will be a cost and as you have stapulated of RM500K if the adverse happen then it is the more reason for us to pursue as agreed upon so not to be implicated later on.

اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ


From: Megat Noor Ishak B Megat Ibrahim (HRM/PETH)
To: Zainal Abidin
Cc: Lt Gen (B) Dato Mohd Salleh ; Mej Jen Dato Yunus Long ; Rashid Mydin ; Mior Niza
Sent: Monday, 30 April 2012, 16:03
Subject: RE: Ehsan Anomaly Gaji Pegawai ATM

As-Salam Nal,

Well and good brother. Let’s hope that some fruitful result will ensue from our sincere initiatives.

Duit inshaAllah kalau sihat & panjang umor kita semua boleh cari, tapi meniti jalan yang benar lagi hak memberi lebih kepuasan dan ketenangan untuk menuju kealam barzah.

Itu sebab kita tidak perlu memfitnah, mencaci hamun orang yang tak berdosa hanya kerana kita rasa kita dianak tirikan.

Saya yakin kebenaran akan terserlah suatu hari nanti, inshaAllah.



From: Zainal Abidin []
Sent: Wednesday, 02 May, 2012 17:30
To: Megat Noor Ishak B Megat Ibrahim (HRM/PETH)
Cc: Lt Gen (B) Dato Mohd Salleh; Mej Jen Dato Yunus Long; Rashid Mydin; Mior Niza
Subject: Re: Ehsan Anomaly Gaji Pegawai ATM

Salam Yop Megat, Dato dan tuan yang dihormati,

Just to update, Dato Salleh and myself met MA to Menteri Pertahanan, Brig Jen Rahim yesterday evening and handed over to him the above docu untuk diserahkan kepada Dato Seri Zahid. The Brig Gen has promised to brief the Minister.

DS Dr. Zahid Hamidi lazimnya akan berada dikawasan Parlimen beliau iaitu diBagan Datuk pada setiap hari Sabtu. Kalu mengkeme nak pergi rame rame bolih le cari untuk sewa bas kilang, buat rombongan.. nak murah lagi boleh le sewa bas sekolah.

Sila lihat aksi hebat orang Bagan Datuk.



From: Megat Noor Ishak B Megat Ibrahim (HRM/PETH)
To: Zainal Abidin
Cc: Lt Gen (B) Dato Mohd Salleh ; Mej Jen Dato Yunus Long ; Rashid Mydin ; Mior Niza
Sent: Thursday, 3 May 2012, 16:01
Subject: RE: Ehsan Anomaly Gaji Pegawai ATM

W’ salam Nal,

I think we are making another small steps in resolving this long overdue problem. If the Armed Forces Council were to engage with us on the subject matter, we may be viewed as pulling the rug off the Mohican’s feet. In any case, we can always rationalise our action. However, to distinguish ourselves from the Mohicans we need to stick to certain principles all the way, namely:

· The truth
· Mutual respect & decorum
· Flexible & Negotiable
· Realistic & pragmatic
· Undivided loyalty to the Nation
· Consultative
· Common good & wellness
· Cordial
· Maintenance of Pride & Dignity.

After all, as a product of military academy, we have always claim ourselves to be an officer and gentleman. In upholding those principles, I am sure Allah s.w.t will be on our side in pursuit of our plight to seek justice.


Friday, 4 May 2012, 8:09

Salam Yop Megat, Dato Dato dan tuan tuan yang diRahmati Allah,

On this blissful pagi Jumaat, allow me atas semangat ingat mengingati untuk membuat usrah dengan memberi sedikit tazkirah terutamanya dalam menyentuh message dari Skot Megat sebagaimana dibawah dan untuk itu mari kita hayati akan ayat Allah ini : Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): "Wahai Tuhan yang mempunyai kuasa pemerintahan! Engkaulah yang memberi kuasa pemerintahan kepada seiapa yang Engkau kehendaki, dan Engkaulah yang mencabut kuasa pemerintahan dari sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki. Engkaulah juga yang memuliakan sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki, dan Engkaulah yang menghina sesiapa yang Engkau kehendaki. Dalam kekuasaan Engkaulah sahaja adanya segala kebaikan. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Kuasa atas tiap-tiap sesuatu. (A-li'Imraan 3:26). Sadaqallahul 'Azim.

Selain dari maksud atau mafhum ayat itu yang tersendiri yaini mengenai khudrat atau kekuasaan Allah dalam menentukan bukan sahaja mengenai hal pemerintahan tetapi menyeluruh kepada tiap tiap sesuatu (kullisyai'in qadir) namun intisarinya menyerlahkan juga akan maksud 'dengan izinNya' atau InsyaAllah

Saya tiada niat untuk nak sentuh apa apa mengenai Mohicans cuma mengambil back drop dari hal ini and to share with you, beberapa peristiwa hikayat atau cerita cerita dan perumpamaan yang terdapat didalam kitab suci al Qur’anul Karim sesuai didalam suasana hari Juma'at, penghulu segala hari yang penuh berkah agar kita sama sama mendapat pelajaran dan ikhtibar, InsyaAllah, atau dengan izin Allah.

Nabi Sulaiman a.s pada satu ketika berkata: 'Aku akan menghampiri kesemua tujuh puluh isteri ku pada malam ini dan mereka akan melahirkan anak cukup untuk perang sabil'. Maknanya, beliau akan memperolehi anak anak yang banyak itu sehingga boleh melengkapkan satu bala tentera. 'Sebutlah InsyaAllah', kata malaikat dan dia lupa menyebutnya dan tiadalah lahir dari isteri isterinya itu kecuali seorang, yang itu pun separuh lelaki dan separuh perempuan. Walau pun ini cerita Isra'iliat namun patut sekali kita mengamalkan 'dengan izin Allah' ini pada apa apa perkara pekerjaan ibadat kita.

Bapa Nabi Sulaiman a.s ialah Nabi Daud a.s dan Nabi Daud a.s pula mempunyai 99 orang isteri dan tidak cukup dengan itu beliau menginginkan seorang isteri lagi yang kebetulan adalah isteri kepada salah seorang General beliau. Maka selalulah General itu didetailkan untuk pergi ke medan perang dengan harapan beliau tewas dan gugur dan bolehlah Nabi Daud a.s mengahwini isterinya (janda) itu. Maka di-hikayatkan sedang Nabi Daud a.s tinggal diatas biara yang tinggi dan mempunyai beribu tentera sebagai pengawal, terjadi kisah dua orang yang berjaya melompat tembuk dan tiba tiba muncul dihadapan beliau. Ikuti cerita seterusnya mengenai court case atau strategic legal action mengenai, kambing yang telah saya posted beberapa tahun yang lalu :

[21] Dan sudahkah sampai kepadamu (wahai Muhammad) berita (perbicaraan dua) orang yang berselisihan? Ketika mereka memanjat tembok tempat ibadat; [22] Iaitu ketika mereka masuk kepada Nabi Daud, lalu ia terkejut melihat mereka; mereka berkata kepadanya: ” Janganlah takut, (kami ini) adalah dua orang yang berselisihan, salah seorang dari kami telah berlaku zalim kepada yang lain; oleh itu hukumkanlah di antara kami dengan adil, dan janganlah melampaui (batas keadilan), serta pimpinlah kami ke jalan yang lurus. [23] ”Sebenarnya orang ini ialah (seorang sahabat sebagai) saudaraku; ia mempunyai sembilan puluh sembilan ekor kambing betina dan aku mempunyai seekor sahaja; dalam pada itu ia (mendesakku dengan) berkata: ‘ Serahkanlah yang seekor itu kepadaku ‘, dan dia telah mengalahkan daku dalam merundingkan perkara itu”. [24] Nabi Daud berkata: ” Sesungguhnya ia telah berlaku zalim kepadamu dengan meminta kambingmu itu (sebagai tambahan) kepada kambing-kambingnya; dan sesungguhnya kebanyakan dari orang-orang yang bergaul dan berhubungan (dalam berbagai-bagai lapangan hidup), setengahnya berlaku zalim kepada setengahnya yang lain, kecuali orang-orang yangberiman dan beramal soleh; sedang mereka amatlah sedikit!” Dan Nabi Daud (setelah berfikir sejurus), mengetahui sebenarnya Kami telah mengujinya (dengan peristiwa itu), lalu ia memohon ampun kepada Tuhannya sambil merebahkan dirinya sujud, serta ia rujuk kembali (bertaubat). [25] Maka Kami ampunkan kesalahannya itu; dan sesungguhnya ia mempunyai kedudukan yang dekat di sisi Kami serta tempat kembali yang sebaik-baiknya (pada hari akhirat kelak). [26] Wahai Daud, sesungguhnya Kami telah menjadikanmu khalifah di bumi, maka jalankanlah hukum di antara manusia dengan (hukum syariat) yang benar (yang diwahyukan kepadamu); dan janganlah engkau menurut hawa nafsu, kerana yang demikian itu akan menyesatkanmu dari jalan Allah. Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang sesat dari jalan Allah, akan beroleh azab yang berat pada hari hitungan amal, disebabkan mereka melupakan (jalan Allah) itu. [27] Dan tiadalah Kami menciptakan langit dan bumi serta segala yang ada di antara keduanya sebagai ciptaan yang tidak mengandungi hikmah dan keadilan; yang demikian adalah sangkaan orang-orang yang kafir! Maka kecelakaanlah bagi orang-orang yang kafir itu dari azab neraka. [28] Patutkah Kami jadikan orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh itu sama seperti orang-orang yang melakukan kerosakan di muka bumi? Atau patutkah Kami jadikan orang-orang yang bertaqwa sama seperti orang-orang yang berdosa? [29] (Al-Quran ini) sebuah Kitab yang Kami turunkan kepadamu (dan umatmu wahai Muhammad), -Kitab yang banyak faedah-faedah dan manfaatnya, untuk mereka memahami dengan teliti kandungan ayat-ayatnya, dan untuk orang-orang yang berakal sempurna beringat mengambil iktibar. Sadaqallahul 'Azim. Surah Shaad.

Rasulullah SAW ditanya beberapa perkara dan baginda SAW menangguhkannya agar mendapat wahyu mengenai apa yang ditanya itu. 'Dan jangan sekali kamu mengatakan terhadap sesuatu, "Sesungguhnya aku akan mengerjakan itu esok pagi, kecuali (dengan menyebut) : "InsyaAllah", Dan ingatlah kapada Tuhan mu jika kamu lupa dan katakanlah "Mudah mudahan Tuhanku akan memberi petunjuk kepada yang lebih dekat kebenarannya daripada ini". Surah al Kahfi ayat 23 dan 24. Menurut riwayat, ada beberapa orang Quraisy bertanya kepada Nabi Mohamad SAW tentang roh, kisah ashhabul Kahfi dan kisah Dzulqarnain lalu baginda menjawab, datang besok pagi dan baginda tidak menyebut InsyaAllah. Tapi kiranya sampai besok pagi, wahyu terlambat datang untuk mencerita hal hal tersebut dan Nabi SAW tidak dapat menjawabnya, maka turunlah ayat ayat diatas sebagai pelajaran kepada baginda, Rasulullah SAW. Maka wajarlah kita dengan sifat iman mengambil pelajaran dan iktibar dari ayat Allah ini

Now let see if in your message dibawah ini ada element InsyaAllah? Your statement 'If the Armed Forces Council were to engage with us on the subject matter', and let me add the word InsyaAllah, the Asisten Ketua Staf Perkhidmatan Anggota (AKSPA), Bahagian Perkhidmatan Anggota, Kementerian Pertahanan has got to be involved and kena ada sponsor.

Alhamdulilah atas Kehendak Allah SWT dan dengan izinNya atau InsyaAllah, sukacita teman nak memberi perkhabaran : 'The MA to Menteri Pertahanan has confirmed that he has briefed the Menteri Pertahanan and it has been minuted' : "AKSPA sila buat semakan dan kemukakan ke MAT". Berlanjutan dengan perkara itu, Dato Salleh informed that he is making plan to meet with the Minister at the Minister's pleasure and requested to 'stand by him'.I don't think that's a difficult thing to do and rest assured.

Dato Salleh handing over the letter to Brig Gen Abdul Rahim, MA to Defence Minister.

At the JPM to submit the letter, 'to PM with love'

Chop pengesahan terima dari JPM

Diharap berita ini dapat memberi pengharapan dan kegembiraan terhadap segala rintihan semua mereka yang terlibat. I'm sure soon our effort will be known and go beyond borders, I mean of Skot 22 dan orang akan tanya siapa dia Zainal. Loyar..? Majistret ? "more like an ahlil nujum dan peminat muzik" and I must take out my kopiah to you.. knowing you from some 50 years ago semasa kita sesama disekolah rendah Temenggong Abdul Rahman diJB, main kondang kondi pun tak berapa pande.. tapi le ni dah besor panjang also now an expert on legal matters. Appreciate your thought on the principles of engagement. The top brass among us that will lead the task force is hope and will certainly be guided.

As ref to Dato Yunus Long message, teman udah hubungi Kol Dato Tungku Aziz Bendahara dan dia habaq mai, 'hang bagi kat aku satu salinan apa yang hampa buat. Penyimpan mohor besaq raja raja dan PAT.., hang serah kat aku'. Tunku Aziz Bendahara, dia memang sayang kat teman.. sebab dia dulu peronah darling carry teman masa buat PT semasa diSebatang Karah

اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

 Lt Gen Dato Salleh, DMI (R), Lt Col Raja Abdullah, Arty (R), Mej Rashid Mydin, Risik (R) and Mej Gen Dato Yunus Long, Recce (R). Meeting at Warung Mak Jah, Ampang Jaya.

Update on Skot and KPD Officers
All in the family: IR. Masum Mahadi CEO MHS, Skot Pilot Mansor Mahadi, Mahmud Mahadi TUDM and Zainal semasa kenduri kahwin anak Skot Mansor Mahadi.

Kenduri kahwin anak Skot Rashid. From left : Zainal, Rashid PAS and Mohamad Salleh
Sitting : Abdul Rahman Haji Taib and Abu Kassim

Majlis terima menantu Mej Sahimi KP (R). Lt Kol Che Dan, Lt Jen Dato Effendi, Mej Jen Dato Nordin Rahok and Zainal 

MP Skot Lt Col Shanusi Recce (left). Bukan YB, he works as Bentara in the Parliament with colleague Khairul RAMD (R)

AGM Persatuan Veteran KP Di Raja at Auditorium HAT Tuanku Mizan    

Baharudin, Raja Shafauddin, Hussein and Nahu Juri
Mej Shukri, Baghwan Singh Virik and Baldev Singh
What the KP's are good at : Capt. Mustafa and Zainal at the Selayang market

Management by wandering around. Mancing udang galah di Sungai Dulang, Bagan Datok

My cucu, the Chuarian Celebrities: Zahra, Bonda Farrah and Sofea

Sofea 1 1/2 years and Zahra 2 1/2 years. Zahra appeared in Pa and Ma magazine. Won prizes in photo shoots including trip to Beijing while Sofea won contract in a branded baby milk advertisement for an Asian country's market. Alhamdulillah rezeki

Meeting at Warung Mak Jah



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